Check out a few of the awesome DIYers and Tiny Dwellers that opened their homes to everyone at TinyFest NorthWest in 2018!

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The interior view of a sheepherders wagon. It has curved wood roof, wood siding and bench on the right side and a full kitchen set up on the left side.

Art Camp Wagon

This beautiful and one of a kind 1953 caravan was designed by artists James Dobney and Dennis Nunez. It features a full copper kitchen and open historical interior with a large amount of storage. The perfect marriages of art & history,  and of function & form.  And…  it’s for sale!
a young woman in a cowboy hat stands in front of a school bus that has been painted in bright patterned squares like a homemade quilt

Ellen DeGenerbus

A girl and her bus… it’s a beautiful thing. Randy is an artist & adventurer. She is converted her school bus into a rolling home to explore the country. Randy admires Ellen DeGenerous’s encouraging spirit and named her bus after the star. She aims to inspire, encourage and support others like Ellen!

Bright red pickup pulling a very small red camper in front of a large wall of southwestern mountain rock.

'Lil Red

At a huge 66 sq. ft., Lil Red is the perfect full-time traveling home for Artisan Josh and his two pups, Bella & Toter.  Artisan Josh is a traveling carpenter who works on projects for clients all over the country. He has explored over than 45,000 miles in ‘Lil Red.

The interior of what looks like a studio apartment. There is a barn wood door and small kitchenette

2 Girls, 1 Camper

Mandy and her pup, Opal, live in their renovated Class-C camper. Mandy purchased the motorhome already renovated (the previous owner was a woodworker) and then added her personal touch throughout. Mandy works on the road and Opal’s just along for the ride
tiny house on wheels with a small porched attached and lounge chair on the porch. The pickup used to pull is in the background.


Shannon’s new tiny house was built by Tru-Form Tiny in Eugene. She’s currently on a 2 month long loop of the west coast with Tiny House Shannanigans in tow. Shannon’s having a blast exploring Oregon, meeting amazing people, and experiencing tiny house living on the road.
White cargo van with a border of small gray evergreen trees stenciled all the way around the bottom

Family Van Project

Local Eugene couple, Drew and Brittany, is working to finish their 2005 Chevy Conversion Van before TinyFest NorthWest in September. The couple, and their two boys, are excited to share their progress with you! 
lady and her dog sitting in the doorway of a camper van with what looks like the Arizona dessert landscape behind her

Gone Vananas

Ryan and Samantha decided to go minimalist in mid 2016. After an epic move and 6 month build, learning as they went, they couldn’t be happier in their self built Ram Promaster 3500. They have been on the road full time since Sept of 2017.
Interior photo of a van with wood interior and a couch

Vanna White

Vanna White has been completely customized into a studio apartment on wheels. The conversion took 3 months and includes a full kitchen with an oven, reclaimed wine boxes made into cabinets & a rooftop deck. Matt Alexander travels full-time with his adorable Chihuahua Wilson Flynn.
The inside of a camper van with a lot of smooth wood cabinets and a raised bed.

Ghost Van

Jarrod is a YouTuber, stand up comic, woodworker who lives in a self built Promaster van he calls GHOST, because he lives a stealth lifestyle. Built with his father in 16 days over a 2 month span costing roughly $8000. Even has a shower inside!
exterior photo of a tiny house on wheels in the snow as the snow falls around it. The house has a porch with teal colored French doors and teal trim. It has metal siding and brown trim.

Tiny Hell On Wheels

Hilarie Kaczetow built her 120sq. ft. home over the span of 3 years. Using reclaimed and recycled materials, she was able to keep the cost under $20,000! Since finishing her build in summer of 2017, she has travel over 14,000 miles in her tiny alongside her pet pig, Crusher!
side view of a small wood camper with flowers in front and a large wooden letter R on the side

Tiny On!

Renee has been living in 87 sq. ft. for over 2 1/2 years. After braving 2 Iowa winters, she has hit the road and headed west! She’s lived in the San Francisco Bay Area most of 2018 and is now parked just east of Eugene — and lovin’ it!
a young lady leaning up against a bright yellow vintage camper. Her black and white shaggy dog is lying in the foreground.

Jenna's Tiny Vintage Camper

Tiny House Giant Journey star and TinyFest NorthWest Keynote Speaker, Jenna Spesard, will be sharing her new project with TinyFest attendees on Saturday. Jenna recently bought a vintage travel trailer, and has been restoring it for a new adventure!
Photograph of a school bus painted mint green

Paging Adventure

We’re Jordan and Sam Page (and our pup Penni) and we self-converted a school bus into our full-time travel home. We are from Kansas, and as of today (9/15) we are on a trek from Kansas to Oregon and documenting our travels at #oregontrailbybus.
photo of the back of a tall silver van driving down a dirt road. There is a snow covered hill on one side and pine trees all around. The sky is a vibrant blue

Artistic Adventure Van

Teri Lou Dantzler is living a HappilyHouseless.Life as a full time nomad in her @ArtisticAdventureVan, a 2017 Ford Transit cargo van, high top.
The DIY conversation took 4 months in her Dad’s woodshop. Together they created the perfect home.
photo of gypsy wagon set up as if the owners are camping. There is a fabric awning and tables and chairs in front.


The Dikkatli is the home symbol of a Traveler generational family. Dikkatli meaning “BeCarfeul” always a reminder to us. The Dikkatli is 3 years old- interior is mostly cedar and the product of past builds – learning by design
photo of a steeply arched roof tiny house that is built on a trailer and being pulled behind a dually truck. The top of the house is covered with cedar and the bottom in brown siding.

Waylon's Wagon

This gorgeous tiny shop is a mobile motorcycle upholstery workshop for New Church Moto and a surf retail shop Surfboards. It was built by Jeremy Tuffli and Joey Pepper in Bandon and Portland OR.
photo of an Airstream trailer with classic features of rounded roof and all silver exterior

Living With The Essentials

Wanting to live small and travel frequently inspired Karen & Paulo to create a beautiful home in a classic Airstream Argosy. Being self-contained and off-grid allows them to boondocks for weeks at a time and find their way to remote, beautiful locations.
photo of a man standing on top of a van with his arms spread wide. The van is rugged looking and has a home-made paint job that is camouflage leaves and plants. The van is parked on a gravel road with an expansive view of mountains and blue sky in the background

Freedom the Van

My name is Lee backwards it’s Eel. I live with my doggy Wander in a van named Freedom. I have lived the van life for 4 years now and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Van Life Rules!

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