Whether you are pondering going tiny, planning to go tiny or simply looking for quality, eco-friendly products to add to your life, the Simple Living Marketplace is the place for you! 

Below are some of the awesome businesses you can visit at TinyFest NorthWest 2019.

logo that reads CoEnergy Propane Has acirlce above the words with what looks like a water droplet in it
Logo with a marijuana leaf reads The Orginal Weed Bead
round logo with the simple outline of a house and the words "The Heat Pump Store" inside it. There is a red arrow and a blue arrow that curving toward each other intended to show the circular movement of hot and cold air. The logo also reads "Est. 2007. A Northwest Company"
AT&T logo
logo for Victron Energy Blue Power
logo has black and white drawing of a mountiain with a cabin next to it. The words "Oregon Backyard Buildings" are underneath
Kitchen Craft Cookware logo has their name and a red apple
Khoobsuart Gift Shop logo has their name in a rainbow of colors with the word Home Tapestries Jewelry and More written below
logo for Pocket Mansions looks like a pocket with a roof on top and a circular window in it.
logo for Renewal by Andersaon Window Replacement an Anderson Company has a sketch of a brauny man holding a window
Logo reads Pink Zebra Independent consultant and has zebra face with pink stripes that is winking
Logo for Dept of Work with an anvil above the name and the words Get To Work above that
logo blue background reads FeelSoAlive Marketing Group
logo reads Happy Hikers Fitness and has graphic of a sun rising over the mountains with a grove of everygreens in front
Logo for Tiny Digs Portland Hotel
logo reads Country Financial. Kelly Kapple 541-250-2552
Cover of the book Building your movable tiny house with mindfulness
logo reads SilverFire. The "S" looks like a dragon and the letteres look as though they are made of metal
logo has a circle and beams of light in shades of yellow. It reads Light Harvest Solar
logo reads Art Barn Tiny Houses. There is an outline of a classic style barn and in the doorway is the outline of a small house
photo of a composting toilet with the words Our Perfect Privy The Nature's Head Coposting Toilet. Allow Solutions
logo with light gray lettering that reads"doTERRA Wellness Advocate"
logo has a hexagon with a C inside and reads Gnome Construction
the words pinkcloud.com in a rainbow of colors. Cat & Dog clocks with Wagging talils is underneath
logo has a graphic of a house with a leaf inside. The words cleaner living NW are also in green
The word Norwex above a the words Chemical, Free, Zone, in a circling around a house
logo reads MPOWERD

Want to be a part of the Simple Living Marketplace?

If you have a quality hand-crafted product that will enrich any home OR a product or service that pertains to tiny houses, sustainability, simple living, healthy living, reducing, reusing, or recycling, you will find your best customers at TinyFest NorthWest.

Vendor booths are available now… Click HERE for more information.