You're Gonna Love The Simple Living Marketplace at TinyFest!

Whether you are pondering going tiny, planning to go tiny or simply looking for quality, eco-friendly products to add to your life, the Simple Living Marketplace is the place for you! 

Below are some of the awesome businesses represented in 2018. Stay tuned to see which ones you can expect to visit at TinyFest NorthWest 2019.

Want to be a part of the Simple Living Marketplace?

If you have a quality hand-crafted product that will enrich any home OR a product or service that pertains to tiny houses, sustainability, simple living, healthy living, reducing, reusing, or recycling, you will find your best customers at TinyFest NorthWest.

Vendor booths are available now… Click HERE for more information. 

logo with the peaked roofs of four houses lined up like mountain peaks With the words "Land is Home" underneath.
logo in the shape of a circle has a paint roller in the middle. the roller has green paint on it and above the roller is a line of trees that are the same color. The words on the top read "Equilibrium Painting LLC" in black and at the bottom is says "Live Creatively. Live Sustainably." in green.
round logo with the simple outline of a house and the words "The Heat Pump Store" inside it. There is a red arrow and a blue arrow that curving toward each other intended to show the circular movement of hot and cold air. The logo also reads "Est. 2007. A Northwest Company"
Busy logo with an orange plus sign and the outline of a house in the middle of it. Inside the house is the letter e that has an arrow as part of the letter. The words read "Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Save Home Services. We Fix Uncomfortable Homes."
Simple logo that reads "Leaf Filter Gutter Protection" has green leaf in the middle of it.
logo with light gray lettering that reads"doTERRA Wellness Advocate"
logo that has children of a variety of racing standing hand in hand encircling the globe. The words "The Sharing Connection" are written above in a rainbow colored font.
logo with geometric shapes interlaced to make a circle above the words "Collective Clearing" written in a deep purple
logo has the icon of a teardrop camper in front of an icon for a mountain. It reads "Teardrops NW"
Logo with the words "Bath Fitter" in teal
logo with a black and white young girl with a goat. The words "Farm Maid Soap" to the side
logo that has a green square with three small homes inside it and 3 green arrows pointing up. The word Square One are inside the square and "Villages" is below it.
a purple swirl next to the words "Wandering Star astrology jewelry and zodiac gifts
bright red saw blade with the words "Long Tom Custom Sawmill"
graphic of a rain barrel with some flowers around it and the words "GradyBarrels" beside it
Logo has a swirling pattern with the words "Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center" next to it
Logo that reads "Bigfoot Fudge Factory" the two O's are in the shape of a foot and there is a Bigfoot (Sasquatch) silhouette above the words. Everything is brown... the shade of chocolate fudge.
logo has black and white drawing of a mountiain with a cabin next to it. The words "Oregon Backyard Buildings" are underneath
photograph of a folding bicycle. It has small wheels a rack on the back and the seat is extended up high. The bike is a crisp white with black tires, seat & handlebars. It says "Bike Friday" is bright red letters and has bright red cables running from the gears to the handlebars.
The words "my wire creations" in steel gray color using a twirly font
a clip art scene of a pale yellow sun setting behind a light gray mountain. There are darker gray trees and the silhouette of a tiny house. The sky is the color of wine.
Forget me not flowers with the words "trash me not" in front of them
solid black backdrop with the words "Epic Dream Design" in crisp white. Underneath that is reads "Custom Production Services" Those letters are in red and don't have as much contrast so aren't as noticeable. The bottom row of writing is crisp white and reads "clothing + textiles + jewelry + decor"
a black circle with the letter M in it and "MAC Insurance" underneath it. It is rather modern looking
logo with the outline of a compass and a tiny house on the inside of the circle. The words "Tiny House Giant Journey" are to the left
photo of purple crystal shows the variations in coloring. The words "Crystal Stardust Jewelry & Gifts" above the crystal
picture of a t-shirt being modeled by a young woman. The shirt is vibrant red and says "Tread Lightly & Tiny On!"
Logo reads "tiny watts solar. Powering all things tiny" has a van, tiny house and tent on it